ringlet necklace turquoise

ringlet necklace turquoise color glass beads. Highlights in silver and gold.

unique glass jewelry ringlet necklace

by Franziska Neusser crafted in Vienna

Ringlet necklaces are flexible stretchable necklaces of made of glass beads without clasp . Simply pull over your head and crumple like locks of hair – pull – shape. This way, this unique glass jewelry can nestle to the neck.

The necklace feels soft like a scarf and does not choke. The air circulates through the necklace and avoids heat bridges although this jewelry lays close to the neck.

Ringlet necklaces are available in countless color blends.

This contemporary jewelry is voluminous with very low weight . Multicolored glass beads are beaded on a special formed metal wire.

The necklace can be stretched and gets its form back as you form it. As only glass beads touch the skin, even allergic persons can wear this kind of jewelry.

From any view perfect , because no clasp disturbs the picture.

Washable in lukewarm water with mild soap .

unique glass jewelry, crafted in Vienna by Franziska Neusser