necklace „Maple“

crochet necklace „Maple“ in green and gold in gradient design with magnetic clasp.

unique crochet jewelry by Franziska Neusser

crafted in Vienna

Crochet jewelry is contemporary glass jewelry. I design and craft all of the pieces myself. You will love the light weight even not passionate wearers of jewelry love to wear crochet jewelry.

Glass beads are thread on cotton yarn. Each single bead gets crochet. When I start to thread the glass beads on the cotton yarn every glass beads is placed exactly on the spot I need it to be shown. Crochet glass beads turn on the outer side of the tube. The tube itself is hollow.

I produce the magnetic clasps myself. The shell is done on a turning lathe and the magnets pressed into the shell. The material I use for this clasp is brass. The magnets are very strong.

care: The brass clasp, if you want to avoid patina, nedds now and then some cleaning. If you clean the clasp and do not want to clean the clasp again just paint the surface with clear varnish.

The jewelry itself can be cleaned in lukewarm water with mild soap.