about me

about me,

Franziska Neusser

1975 born in Vienna, Austria

degrees in textile design and glazier

1999 founding my business „Glass Gallery Neusser“

2015 closing the salesroom to work in my studio.

Now jewelry is available at distributing galleries.

In my work I combine two materials I love the most.

Glass and textiles. I design and craft every piece by myself. I use traditional techniques or invent techniques like crafting ringlet necklaces. Colors and patterns reflect feelings or ideas from what I see in my environment or in the nature.

Glass is a wonderful material .

It is an amorphous solid , a so-called “ supercooled liquid“ . The glass beads I use are made in the Czech Republic by machines like hundred years ago . Glass has no „subtle vibrations“ like stone and must not be worked in exploitative slave services . Roccaille glass beads have a geoid form. I use opaque, opal, iridescent, metal coated and metal lined glass beads.

Like a painter i use those different glass beads in my coloring. Also the support material determines my work.

I use cotton yarn for the crochet jewelry. The compound gives a soft and lightweight piece of jewelry and the pattern can be implemented very precisely .

Metal yarn is used for the ringlet necklaces. This material allows the stability and strenght I need for this form of glass jewelry.

Developing patterns.

From small to large and vice versa . Looking at a butterfly wing through a microscope shows you quickly what I see when I develop pattern for crochet jewelry. The scales of a butterfly wing have a precise pattern that I use for crochet jewelry with the difference that I develop a three dimensional pattern as I do not want a back side. When I take a walk outside and something catches my eye, I build with my fingers an image section like a photo camera would show. Zoom in and zoom out. Interesting images appear naturally that influence my work in pattern and coloring.

This was a little walk through the work of Franziska Neusser.